Bikin’ In Tempe, Bikin’ in TempE!

A breath of fresh eco-friendly air will be blowing through Tempe starting August 24th: The Bicycle Cellar is coming!

The Bicycle Cellar from on Vimeo.

Yes, we knew that the Tempe Transportation Center was going to be special and spark new ideas with a conscious nod toward sustainability, but it is exciting to see the ideas actually happening! Having a bike storage center/showers/lockers/retail/repair operation at the TTC has been a dream of Tempe Transportation’s Bonnie Richardson for years during design and construction. After hours access to your secured bike for when you get back on the light rail from a night out on the town?! That rocks!!

With the lightrail connected to buses and now this connectivity to cycling and then a future link to a tram around Sky Harbor, we’re seeing the beginnings of a new transportation system not crushingly dependent on fossil fuel automobiles. But wait! Will the Chevy Volt really get 230+ mpg? What’s happening here???

Next thing you know, we’ll be seeing more permeable concrete (helping with water infiltration and heat island), more rubberized pavement, streets in lighter colors (to reflect more of the heat rather than adsorb it), and walkable community planning!! We see light way off at the end of the tunnel – and it’s the headlight of a cyclist heading home from The Bicycle Cellar.

~ by akagreen on August 13, 2009.

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