About Us

About Us

Who are we, you ask?
As the Valley of the Sun’s leading provider of beautiful eco-friendly building materials and a full-range of green design & consulting services, our mission is to be a catalyst of the widespread adoption of green building practices in Arizona…and yes, that now includes blogging.

We do this by educating people & businesses on green building products and strategies that are healthier and safer for all of us and the planet. We provide these materials and services through a business model that is sustainable for our community, our customers, our suppliers and ourselves.

Our focus is to promote the triple bottom line:
People  .  Planet  .  Prosperity

Ok, so who are we really???
We are a devoted group of environmentally-minded professionals who pride ourselves on the in-depth knowledge of green building products and services.  We are a diversified group who take environmental issues and the green building industry seriously while making sure we keep entertaining and real.

We each came onto the green scene with our own story…
Some of us came from other states.
Some of us came from other countries (oh, like the french accents don’t give it away, eh?).
Some of us came from corporate.
Some of us came from other small businesses.

and Currently…
Some of us are up to our eyeballs in college.
Some of us are the gadget freaks.
Some of us are the creative freaks.
Some of us are the math freaks.
Some of us are the design freaks.

We like to…
Find answers to tough questions.
Live Sustainably.
Get our hands dirty.
Find unique solutions to problems.
Design like we give a (#%!*

Plain and Simply put…We are fierce individuals and exactly where we want to be.

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