a.k.a. Green Services

a.k.a. Green Services

The built environment is currently consuming energy and resources significantly beyond a level sustainable by the planet. Our structures produce 65% of the nation’s waste, they consume 70% of the electricity produced, and they are responsible for 40% of all CO2 emissions.

a.k.a. Green Services is a leader in the building revolution. We provide guidance and inspiration to our like-minded clients who wish to leave behind traditional building practices, and those who seek to evolve their built environments into healthier, more sustainable places. We approach each design and consulting project with a solid focus on health, the environment, innovative ideas, and REVOLUTIONARY THINKING.

Our LEED® Accredited experts have the experience necessary to provide a wide-range of eco-friendly services. Whether it’s to design your new LEED® certified office building, providing LEED building certification & consulting services, or hosting an in-depth educational green building seminar, we are ready to provide innovative, eco-friendly solutions to your residential or commercial project, regardless of size or budget.

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