Water Water Everywhere…and not a drop to drink.

Alright, a friend of mine had warned me about Frontline’s recent documentary Poisoned Waters….”Not a feel-gooder” I was told, but given my eco-inquisitive nature and the fact that I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay, I decided to devote an afternoon to an online viewing.  It’s been an incredibly long time since I’ve watched something that made me this angry and more determined than ever to help get the word out. Even thought the film focused on costal regions, it got me thinking about how the waterways in Arizona are so scarce. Perhaps in our state, not only do we have drought to contend with, but the possibility of concentrated chemical levels in those waters and how that can affect both the enviornment and our health.

Watch the Full Episode

“More than three decades after the Clean Water Act, iconic American waterways like the Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sound are in perilous condition and facing new sources of contamination.

With polluted runoff still flowing in from industry, agriculture and massive suburban development, scientists note that many new pollutants and toxins from modern everyday life are already being found in the drinking water of millions of people across the country and pose a threat to fish, wildlife and, potentially, human health.

In Poisoned Waters, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Hedrick Smith examines the growing hazards to human health and the ecosystem.”

So, if you decide to watch it (and we hope you do), just make sure you have something “uplifting” planned for afterward or be constructive and put all of your energy into learning more about what you can do to be part of the solution.

~ by akagreen on May 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “Water Water Everywhere…and not a drop to drink.”

  1. I haven’t heard of this movie before and so I will have to devote some time to watch it. Another movie that is in a similar vein (well done, informative, upsetting) is “Who Killed the Electric Car?” I highly, highly recommend this movie.

    • Hi Julie. Thanks for the comments. Not everyone here at aka Green has seen “Who Killed the Electric Car”, but those of us that have are big fans! Thanks for mentioning it and helping to spread the word. The Poisoned Waters is a 2hr documentary put together by Frontline / PBS. You can watch the full version online. Feel free to share your thoughts after you get a chance to watch.

  2. Glad to see your blog. Wish more companies had blogs and great content.

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