69% Home Energy Savings!

Can you believe it? We double checked the math and are still wowed by the data (and $avings). So here’s the deal – Mick Dalrymple, co-owner of a.k.a. Green has reduced the net annual utility energy consumption of his personal home by 69% from 2004 to 2008!!! HOW you ask? Keep readin’…


Dalrymple purchased the 1975 Phoenix masonry home in late 2003 and has been retrofitting it incrementally ever since for energy efficiency, renewable energy, indoor air quality, water efficiency and finish aesthetics. “I started with an energy audit, just like we recommend to our clients,” said Dalrymple.  “There were a few design flaws, air infiltration issues, and the usual tired equipment issues you frequently encounter in an existing home. So, the priority was weatherization and health/safety corrections- the inexpensive fixes with the highest return.”

Mick Roof - before

Dalrymple then replaced lightbulbs and windows and doors, installed a new foam roof, and put in an efficient heat pump, followed by solar domestic water heating, solar photovoltaic electricity and a very high efficiency pool pump. Interspersed with the energy efficiency measures were various indoor air quality, water and finish projects, such as air purification, clay plasters, zero-VOC paints, cork and reclaimed wood flooring, dual-flush toilets, low-flow fixtures, and a whole-house water treatment system. Much of the work was documented in a series of episodes for the edu-tainment television series “Build It Green!”. In the show, the energy measures stand out.

Mick Roof - after

“I was actually a bit surprised when I compiled the numbers because we still have significant opportunities to save even more energy,” Dalrymple noted. His plan is to get to zero net grid energy. In the meantime, he is considering buying green power for his remaining energy consumption in order to get off of fossil fuel and make the house carbon neutral. “It is an interim step that essentially subsidizes someone else’s renewable energy actions, but it is worth considering.”

Dalrymple got involved in green building in 2001 as a response to his national security concerns related to the first Cheney Energy Task Force plan. “When I learned about the potential of green building to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil AND live in more comfortable, healthy buildings, I decided to put the knowledge to use and also teach others.” Dalrymple now serves as a Director on the national boaard of the U.S. Green Building Council. He is a LEED Accredited Professional, a LEED AP HOMES, and an NAHB Green Verifier.

~ by akagreen on June 11, 2009.

4 Responses to “69% Home Energy Savings!”

  1. Great job, I wish more people would make the jump into green savings, the payback is huge. I have updates all my toilets in my house to dual flush toilets by using a dual flush conversion kit my water bill went down last month $10 so it is paying off.

  2. Hi, What top coat did you use on your roof? I’m interested in reducing and preventing heat island effects in Sedona and would like product information. Thanks

    • Peggy – I used UCSC, a local manufacturer/brand, which has since been bought by Bayer. Bayer is a huge conglomerate but I think if you surf their site for U.S., then coatings (maybe) you can find it.

  3. Please try to be more specific. What is the product name? When did you purchase it? UCSC Is Santa Cruz,right? You’re right, Bayer is huge…

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