City of Scottsdale: Recycling Gurus!

THANK YOU City of Scottsdale! Scottsdale NOW accepts ALL plastic cups & containers #1-7. That means all plastic bottles, jugs, jars, yogurt and cottage cheese containers, margarine and whipped topping tubs, “Clamshell” food containers and disposable plastic cups…but NO plastic liners and NO plastic bags! Clear plastic bags can be used to contain shredded paper.


Recycling Tips from City of Scottsdale:
1. Place any loose papers in a brown paper grocery bag before placing them in your mauve recycling container to help prevent spillage.
2. Make sure your recyclable materials are clean, dry and empty.
3. Break down any cardboard boxes to ensure your container empties.
4. Do not use your mauve recycling container for non-recyclables including grass and yard or food waste. If it’s not on the list, PLEASE RESIST!
5. Additional mauve recycling containers are provided at no charge to residents who need additional capacity for their recyclable material.

Want to know more? or if Curbside Recycling is not available to you, for recycling drop-off locations, contact Solid Waste Management
9191 E. San Salvador Drive
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258
Phone: (480) 312-5600
Fax: (480) 312-8115
For full details, visit:

~ by akagreen on April 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “City of Scottsdale: Recycling Gurus!”

  1. Where can I drop off my phone books to be recycled?

  2. Hi Kelsey – If you have curbside recycling at your location, you can include your phone books in the bin for pick up. If Curbside Recycling is not available to you, please call City of Scottsdale Recycling info line (480) 312-5600 for recycling drop-off locations.

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