Speak Up and Win Contest @ a.k.a.Green

Uncle a.k.a. Green needs YOU!

untitled-1We are seeking some new additions to our family.  No… you can’t leave your children with us, but we are looking to expand our seminar and workshop offerings and we want to know what you want to learn about regarding green building and sustainability.  Whether your suggestions are based upon a deep rooted need or are just plain funny, we want to hear them.

And the best part… we have gifts for you, too.

The top serious “hmmm”-provoker (selected by a.k.a. Green Services) will be listed on our blog and we’ll figure out a way to offer it..  The creator of this magical suggestion won’t receive a Disney cruise or a trip to Fiji, no… nothing so impractical… they will receive a gift certificate for three people to use at the their favorite a.k.a. Green seminar or workshop (one would hope the one they suggested) .

The best, shall we say, “humorous” suggestions will be posted in a “top funniest green workshop ideas” feature on our website and blog.  And just to sweeten that pot as well… we will be offering a free book of choice from a.k.a. Green’s selection to the greenie who gets our bellies rolling the most (consult your physician before enjoying belly rolls).

So, please, help us help you. We are up for some good laughs and we really want to know what you want to know. You know? Email your suggestions to events@akagreen.com

~ by akagreen on April 9, 2009.

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