Turf Tubes

Turf Tube is a line of green outdoor furniture and accessories designed by local landscape architects @ Urban Earth Design. The Turf Tube – an 18” diameter steel tube topped with artificial turf which stays cool in the sun – is the company’s flagship product.
What makes Turf Tube green? Not only is it designed and manufactured right here in Arizona, but the base is made from durable, light weight, galvanized steel, which will not rust.  Turf Tube construction also includes recycled plastic lumber, which conserves traditional building materials. Did we mention it’s oober-durable? It’s designed to hold up through many long southwest summers where typical outdoor furniture seems to reach a dry-rot type threshold in about 3 seconds.

ahh, and did we mention you can get the Turf Tube at our a.k.a. Green Showroom?

~ by akagreen on April 3, 2009.

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