The Dirt on American Clay

American ClayThe Secret is out! And, well…the truth? The product is as gorgeous of a finish as it is healthy for your home! Here’s the skinny: American Clay Earth Plaster is a practical, environmentally friendly alternative to cement, gypsum, acrylic, and lime plasters and recommended for both historic and new buildings. It’s also easy: A person can be successful with their first wall of American Clay by simply reading and following the published instructions; a one-day class gives people a jump start and more confidence, but it is not required. The result is beautiful, with a variety of finish textures possible.

In addition, clay plaster “breathes” – it takes in and gives off moisture. This means a steamy bathroom does not sweat and the mirror does not fog; the breathing process moderates the temperature in the room. Clay particles have a negative ionic charge – they repel dust, and you feel better. Clay plaster has the lowest inherent energy of any plaster, and is one of the “greenest” and earth-friendly materials in construction. Oh yeah…and American Clay may contribute up to 8 LEED credits (if you include the recycling area as all of American Clay’s packaging is recyclable), and 5 in most areas. Click here for a full photo portfolio of this product!

~ by akagreen on February 17, 2009.

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