Save Energy &…your sanity

With prices of energy what they are, combined with this economy – is enough to drive one crazy. Below are a few of the products at a.k.a. Green that will help to reduce your energy costs and help your wallet…and sanity.

killawattKill-A-Watt: Do you want to make your home more energy-efficient but are not sure where the biggest savings could be made? Want to know how much energy each of your appliances and gizmos use? Is replacing that ancient dishwasher worth it? This is the gadget that might be useful to help settle these questions. You just plug it in the power outlet, plug into it whatever it is that you want to test and presto! The first step toward conservation is having feedback on how much you consume!

TightWatt Digital Pool Timer: Your pool pump uses more energy than most of your home appliances. So why pay to run it more than you need to? As the temperature drops, you useTightwatt Pool Timer the pool less, so your pool pump should run less. Rather than adjusting the run time every couple of weeks, let the self-adjusting TightWatt™ Energy Saving Pool Timer do the work for you.This pool timer replaces your Intermatic T101 pool timers and Intermatic T104 pool timers. TightWatt will snap directly into your Intermatic pool timer enclosure. TightWatt has created an online calculator to demonstrate how much energy can be saved. Click here

~ by akagreen on February 17, 2009.

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