Countertop Options for the eco-minded


Icestone ZoomAn ideal choice for the eco-conscious, IceStone® is durable surface made from recycled glass & concrete IceStone® can be used for kitchen counters, as well as backsplashes, bathrooms, vanities, and bathroom dividers. Even interior walls, tabletops, and commercial flooring can be made from IceStone’s® durable surface. Less porous than marble, IceStone® gives you the strength of granite and heat resistance of stone. The color options are practically unlimited, with 24 standard colors to start from, all modifiable. Fabrication, installation, and care are similar to that of natural stone surfaces. Due to the high recycled content in IceStone®, using this material can gain credits towards LEED certification.

Formaldehyde-free bamboo butcher block is great for use in kitchens because it’s food safe and doesn’t emit harmful toxins into the air. It can be installed as a full countertopBamboo Butcher Block surface or incorporated into other counter surfaces. Bamboo grows rapidly and reaches maturity in 5 years. Harvesting is done by hand in closely-managed forests, minimizing any harmful impact on the environment. The bamboo is glued together using a low-VOC (volatile organic compound) adhesive.

Remodeling? We offer even more eco-countertop options at our retail showroom. In addition to retail products, a.k.a Green also specializes in sustainable design. For more information on our kitchen design services, email us or come by.

~ by akagreen on February 15, 2009.

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  1. Quality countertop design!

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