Political Frustration

senatorgregg2Today it was announced that Senator Gregg, who is Obama’s Republican nomination for Commerce secretary, has a staffer who was receiving entertainment ‘gifts’ in exchange for spending legislation favors.  Of course, I am sure, that Gregg knew nothing of this happening.  Coming off of a week or more of politicians being exposed for the dirty laundry and hidden ‘favors’, I had a thought.

I think we need to nominate every person in Congress (both Houses) to executive positions within the Obama Administration.  That’s right… Everyone.  It seems that the only way we can find out the truth about our elected officials baggage is to have them appointed to a position.  So lets do it.  Lets make up positions until we have aired all of the dirty laundry and then we can finally clean up Washington.

We need to make everything they do… public record.

My 2 cents.

~ by jeff frost on February 6, 2009.

One Response to “Political Frustration”

  1. Excellent suggestion! Once again the threat, to the establishment, of electing someone not produced by the political industry has been made very clear. I’m sure Pres Obama has been very surprised, as have I, at the depth of tax-evasion by the professional leadershio class.

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