Congress Passage of Energy Improvement Act of 2008

az-renewable-energySo it’s THE issue on everyone’s mind these days – ENERGY. What directions is Washington DC taking? Are we finally going to make strides in pushing for improved and sustainable energy sources? How can the average American save money AND be a steward of the environment? During the Presidential campaign, the topic was on the tip of every candidate’s tongue. Alas, at the end of November, Congress did make some strides with The Energy Improvement and Extension Act of 2008: Investing in the Green Economy Through Renewable Energy Tax Credits, Tax-Exempt Bonds and Green Building Incentives.

Among other things, the Act amends the Internal Revenue Code (IRC)2 to
1) extend and enhance tax credits for renewable and cleaner energy facilities
2) introduce new clean renewable energy bonds
3) provide a variety of incentives for biofuels and other cleaner transportation fuels
4) provide preferential tax treatment for transmission facilities
5) add tax credits for energy efficiency initiatives and green building

The Scottsdale Green Building Program has posted the 5 page informative bulletin which discusses these topics in detail. We also wanted to provide a great non-profit site which offers all incentives for renewable Energy categorized by state. Visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency:

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